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Our vision

Vision & Mission


“Our vision is to create a self reliant, self confident and self aware society that helps themselves individually as well as collectively for the prosperity of human being.”


“Our mission is to self empower the disadvantaged segment of community, including all men, women and children, through enhancing their skills and knowledge in education, health and socio economic solutions to create a peaceful society and promote gender equality .”


To create awareness among the communities for collective action

To motivate and mobilize the communities to participate in the socio economic development  including  family planning, health, education, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS), vocational training and income generation activities to mobilize society for Peace Process

To assist the communities to eliminate social evils including narcotics

To raise literacy rate of the community

To provide equal opportunities to male and female members of the communities in skill development and disable care and rehabilitation in the traditional society by encouraging women to actively participate in the development process by empowering them via Skills and Education.


Girls Education


Social Welfare

Human Rights & Women Empowerment’s

Peace Dialogue